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TempZone™ Shower Bench Mats

TempZone™ Shower Bench Mats have been designed to provide warmth to a shower bench and provide a luxuriant experience. Our Shower Bench Mats are installed beneath the shower bench itself so that they can efficiently radiate heat upwards. 

The TempZone™ Shower Bench Mats guarantee that the time spent in your shower will be warm and inviting. The Shower Bench Mats are configured to the slim design of standard shower benches. Each size is smartly designed to cover a standard bench width and length. The mats are composed of electric heating elements, encased in a waterproof outer jacket, that are attached to a fiberglass mesh. The serpentine orientation of the heating wires ensure that each Shower Bench Mat delivers a consistent and even heat output of 15 watts per square foot.

Many all of our TempZone™ products, these Shower Bench Mats are approved for wet locations such as a shower floor and bench and your WarmlyYours Account Manager will find the perfect fit for your project.