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Barcelona Towel Warmer

Warm towels are a luxury that most anyone would enjoy. Of course, experiencing dryer-fresh towels isn’t something that most people do everyday—it’s not convenient enough. That’s why WarmlyYours is proud to offer the Barcelona towel warmer. This model features a durable, long-lasting stainless steel construction with eight horizontal bars, but what’s best of all is it is freestanding—you won’t have to deal with mounting it on a wall. 

The plug-in Barcelona towel warmer provides you with warm towels whenever you want them. Because this model is freestanding, it’s somewhat more convenient than our other models that are wall-mounted. This means that you can keep it in any room you want, and if at any time you want the towel warmer somewhere else – for example, in your bedroom to warm up blankets before going to sleep—it’s easy to move it around your home. Because all you have to do with this model is plug it in, you can do so before you get in the shower and have warm towels waiting for you when you’re finished. 

You deserve the comfort and luxury of having warm towels whenever you want them—choose the Barcelona electric towel warmer from WarmlyYours. 

The Barcelona towel warmer is not only convenient and luxurious with its warming capabilities, but it looks great, too. With the curved base and brushed stainless steel bars, this towel warmer fits with any décor in your home from classic to modern. And with eight bars, there’s plenty of space to warm up all the towels you need.You can bring this towel rack anywhere—the flexibility of a freestanding towel warmer is unmatched by other models. 

You can bring it to any room in your own home, but you can also bring it with you when you travel for a bit of home when you’re on the road. It’s also perfect for college students, since it’s great for dorm rooms. Imagine never using cold towels again—that’s just what you’ll do with the Barcelona model or any of our other electric towel warmers. 

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