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Economy Melting System- Slab Control Group

Economy Snow Melting System Controls by WarmlyYours

Snow melting systems from WarmlyYours provide a great deal of luxury and convenience to homes and for the homeowners who install them. Part of the reason they are so convenient is that ice melt sensor options available for the systems are capable of detecting temperature and moisture on the surface and start working. This intelligent design provides economy controls for the snow melting system, ensuring you get the most out of your system—you won’t waste money on a system that’s always working to melt snow even when there isn’t any snow on the ground.

At WarmlyYours, we offer a few different options for your snow melting system, including the economy control system that includes the snow sensor, snow melt control detector, and relay panels. The economy control option allows the owner to use a slab mounted snow sensor (SLAB-SS) to monitor conditions on the slab surface, which is generally the first place snow will accumulate. With its digital control interface and cost effective sensor, this control option will be hard to beat for concrete slab installations. The SCE-120 may control up to 2 different SLAB-SS sensors.

Slab Control features:

  • Reliable snow detection
  • Mounts in concrete or asphalt
  • Easy to program
  • 2-year warranty

Individual Elements

SCE-120 Economy Snow Melting Control

SCE-120 Economy Snow Melt Control

  • Detects both temperature and moisture and the heating system will only be activated only if snow or ice is detected.


SLAB-SS Economy Snow Melting Sensor

SLAB-SS Slab Mounted Snow Sensor

  • Reliably detects snow and ice conditions on pavement surfaces when used with SCE-120 economy snow melt control.


RLY Relay Panels

RLY-Series Relay Panels

  • Virtually silent load switching panels are ideally suited for snow heating Mats and cables.
  • Power relays are rated for up to 24 amps and include NEMA1 rated metal enclosures.
  • All relays utilize 120v Coils.
  • Available in 3 sizes: small (4 Pole), Medium (8 Pole) and Large (12 Pole).


Snow Melting Plaque

SMP Snow Melting Plaque

  • Durable brass plaque identifies presence of snow melting system.
  • Required to meet the NEC 426-13 identification.