Yoga Yurt Studio

Location SEDONA, AZ

Project Type Floor Heating

Room Type
Square Feet

Project Information

WarmlyYours was contracted for their floor heating under carpet to be installed in a yurt (a portable tent structure) for a nonprofit 7 Centers Yoga Arts Studio, the first yoga studio in Sedona, Arizona, in January 2011. Designing an installation plan for a yurt structure was a WarmlyYours’ first. 7 Centers’ goal for installing radiant heated floors was to enrich the yoga experience for their clients. The radiant heat is absorbed into the muscles for deep stretching while detoxifying the skin in the process. The radiant heated floors supports the principles of yoga, to strengthen and tone the body while calming the mind and consequently reducing stress.

Once the contractor laid and connected the floor-heating mats, they replaced the carpet on top, without difficulty. With the assistance of a professional electrician, 7 Centers completed their wiring and connection to sensor (located underneath the carpet) to the thermostat. “It’s incredible just how easy it was to install the radiant heat,” said 7 Centers Representative Katie Love. “We are so thankful to WarmlyYours for their generosity and contribution to this new kind of project for our studio.” The final product was unique and functional for a studio that seeks to enrich the lives of their students through yoga. WarmlyYours is proud to be a part of this exclusive project.

More about 7 Centers Yoga Arts

The first yoga studio established in Sedona, 7 Centers Yoga Arts, is located in a beautiful 1700-square-foot center, reminiscent of Spanish mission architecture. They are internationally known for their transformational yoga teacher trainings. In addition, we offer Daily Yoga Classes, Personal Retreats, Concerts and Workshops. 7 Centers Yoga Arts offers holistic yoga teacher trainings in an ashram-inspired schedule that includes the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. This intensive training exposes students to yoga as a lifestyle, uniting philosophy and traditional practices, and adapting classical yogic texts to modern life and community needs.

ART: Adaptive Radiant Technology

Based on the principle of the warm heat from the sun, radiant heat is a sustainable, adaptive, and healthy heat that is absorbed and is not prone to heat loss or overheating. A Harvard University Study confirmed that physical warmth, caused by radiant heating, directly affects and improves emotional well being, while influencing positive behavior.

Not only does radiant heating improve emotional health, but it also increases energy efficiency. With the use of radiant heat as a primary heating source, temperature levels can be maintained, on an average of 5.6% lower than any other form of heating. That means, for every degree you lower your thermostat, you can save 5% off

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