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Award Program Highlights Home Design Trends

Bringing luxury into the bathroom is expected to remain on-trend in the years ahead

The Best in American Living Awards (BALA) were given out at the recent International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. The awards highlight the most creative and innovative builders, remodelers, architects, developers, land planners and interior designers in the nation.

This year's winners, which included various companies and designers, likely predict trends in home building, decorating and renovating in the years ahead. 

Many of this year's BALA winners showcased spaces with attention to details in all aspects of the home. For instance, the awards suggested that architectural details will be the focus of many home improvement projects, regardless of budget and size.

Many homeowners will continue to focus on updating their bathrooms, which have traditionally been the most common home renovation project, according to the National Home Builders Association. 

Going forward, projects are expected to continue to favor comfort, with many people striving to create spa-like retreats. Elements such as steam showers, large soaking tubs, radiant floor heating and heated towel racks can help achieve an escape-like bathroom.

Additionally, many of the winning projects featured bathrooms that make good use of the space available. While many people are likely to opt for smaller bathroom spaces, they will maximize a feeling of openness by eliminating extra walls, adding transparent glass enclosures and reducing the amount of unused floor space between fixtures.

Bigger is better when it comes to the modern kitchen. Several of this year's BALA winners featured "mega-islands" that allow homeowners a large space for preparing meals, cooking and socializing.

Many people will also invest in gourmet and designer finishes for the kitchen, which is often referred to as the heart of the home. Carrara marble countertops, cooking hearths and intricate light fixtures are among some of the most high-end trends. 

Those who want to make their kitchen both beautiful and comfortable can also consider adding radiant heating to ensure warm floors all year long.

Specialty rooms
Media rooms are not the only type of spaces being incorporated into today's homes. BALA award winners featured outdoor cooking spaces, wine rooms and special pet-friendly spaces. 

In addition, the awards indicate that outdoor living spaces will continue to be in-demand. Elaborate spaces feature outdoor heating and furniture, while more fire features allow owners in any climate to enjoy being outside all year long.

While some people strive to make their homes as current as possible by following trends like the ones seen through BALA, homeowners should remember that making their spaces as functional and beautiful for their own needs and tastes is most important.


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