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Nest True Radiant House: Real Results for Real People

We continue to track the energy savings with our Nest True Radiant House, and we are seeing energy usage continue to decrease, all the while without negatively affecting comfort and warmth inside of this 11,000 square foot (including the Basement) Nest True Radiant Home.

This fully functional radiant heating home, does not use the conventional forced-air heating system, but instead effectively uses radiant heating (floor heating and radiant panels) as a primary heating source for the home. While the homeowners have experienced significant savings since making their entire home radiant, they are now enjoying additional energy efficiency with the Nest True Radiant installation.

Prior to installing and integrating the Nest Thermostat (2nd generation) with their radiant heating systems, the homeowners' energy consumption was 30-47 percent higher, consuming approximately 100+ kwH more per week in three of the most highly trafficked areas of their home - the living room, kitchen, and basement.

Now with full inclusion of the Nest Thermostat, utilizing its True Radiant feature, the homeowners have seen a steady decrease in kWh consumption and a consequential reduction in operating costs from week-to-week.

Here is a sample of the difference in radiant energy usage pre-Nest integration, and two weeks comparison with the Nest installed and in full use:

  • Basement (505 sq. ft.) Pre-Nest True Radiant Integration: 443 kWh = $15.05/week
  • Basement (505 sq. ft.) with Nest True Radiant Integration: 236 kWh = $8.03/week
  • Living Room (202 sq. ft.) Pre-Nest True Radiant Integration: 210 kWh = $7.14/week
  • Living Room (202 sq. ft.) with Nest True Radiant Integration: 137 kWh = $4.67/week
  • Kitchen/Hallway (292 sq. ft.) Pre-Nest True Radiant Integration: 319 kWh = $10.85/week
  • Kitchen/Hallway (292 sq. ft.) with Nest True Radiant Integration: 267 kWh = $9.08/week

Another excellent feature of the Nest with True Radiant, is that you are able to access and affect your energy usage anywhere at anytime from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The Nest will allow you to monitor and program multiple rooms in your home, all from one convenient portal.

Take a look at the monitoring view for our True Radiant homeowner:

Stay tuned to our blog, as we continue to document the energy savings with our first ever Nest True Radiant House by WarmlyYours. We are committed to putting energy savings and control in your hands, our valued customer.

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Are there any special requirements to connecting a radiant heating matt to a Nest thermostat?

WarmlyYours Responds...

That's a great question. You will need to get a third party integration kit, which are available from us: https://www.warmlyyours.com/products/line/floor-heating-integration This will help the Nest thermostat control your radiant heating system. But please note that you will need to control the system based on ambient temperature in the room (which is how most thermostats operate anyway) because the Nest doesn't have an input for the remote floor sensor at this time.

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