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How to Install a WarmlyYours Towel Warmer

Making a towel warmer mounting template

Need help installing a WarmlyYours towel warmer? Check out these steps:

1. Unpack the towel warmer and remove the smaller box containing the cover plate, anchors, and screws.

2. Use one side of the towel warmer box as a template. Screw the mounting legs on the towel warmer and mark the position of the legs.

3. Once all four marks are made, go ahead an attached the electrical tube and mark it's position on the template.

4. Punch holes through the marks on the cardboard template and position the template on the wall. Take note of the location of the electrical power output.

Tip: Installing one side of the towel warmer in a stud location is ideal.

5. Level the template.

6. Take a pencil and stick it through the holes of the template to mark the wall for drilling.

7. Remove template and start drilling where the marks are.

8. Mount the mounting brackets by placing the washer over the screw and placing it through the connector. Then attach it to the wall.

Never tighten all the screws down at first! Wait until the towel warmer is on the mounts to make sure it is aligned.

9. Now with the legs are on the towel warmer, it is time to mount them onto the brackets.

When everything matches up and is aligned, you can now tighten the brackets

10. Remove the plastic cover from the stainless steel plate, guide the wires through, and place it through the tube.

11. Mount the towel warmer and secure it onto the sides of the brackets with the set screws and allen wrench.

12. Now you have your towel warmer mounted. Your electrician will do the electrical part according to your local code.

For more information, visit www.warmlyyours.com or call us at 800-875-5285. WarmlyYours offers 24/7 Technical Support to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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