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Why Heated Floors are ‘Addictive,’ According to ‘Breaking Bad’

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A lot of qualities can be attributed to electric in-floor heating systems such as those offered by WarmlyYours Radiant Heating. For example, they are easy-to-install and can come pre-cut to your floor plan, reducing the amount of time installers need to spend in your home. They are also affordable, often with much lower operating and installation costs than people think. They are also efficient, often lowering heating bills for homeowners, especially when integrated with energy efficient smart thermostats. But as this Breaking Bad clip with characters Ted Beneke and Skyler White shows, these floors are also addictive. Maybe not addictive, but definitely hard to resist after you've experienced them!

Beneke describes the allure of radiant heated floors perfectly, saying, “Once you use it, you can never go back.” Those are our thoughts exactly. Once you try radiant heated floors and experience their warmth and comfort firsthand, you really can “never go back.” There’s a reason why homeowners will install radiant heat into additional rooms beyond the bathroom after they grow accustomed to them and also remodel to include radiant heated floors if they move. When people try these floors, there is usually a “buzz” as they describe them to friends and family. 

“Breaking Bad,” a TV show about a high-school teacher turned drug dealer, created quite the buzz over its five-year run on AMC. When the show’s finale aired, the East Coast and West Coast airings of the episode collectively generated a total of 1.24 million tweets.

We may be biased, but we think that if everyone had the opportunity to try out heated floors all at once, it would create a huge trend on Twitter as well. For now, we’re still loving the tweets we see from all around the country when homeowners and their guests get to feel radiant heated floors for the first time. They often have a reaction very similar to Skyler White’s. While “Breaking Bad” may just be a TV show, many of our real-life users are tweeting their awe and appreciation with the hashtag #ilovefloorheating.

Twitter users show their love for heated floors

And with heated floors shaping up to be a notable trend for home remodeling in 2015, soon the characters of "Breaking Bad" won’t be the only ones that know just how awesome heated floors are.

More and more people are aware that heated floors are a “thing.” The  results of a study by a UK-based underflooring company found that 30 percent of house hunters wanted heated floors in all or some rooms of their new properties. Further research found that 75 percent of installers believed underfloor heating would be a key heating solution for 2015.

Heated floors are so “addictive” because of the sheer comfort they offer homeowners. Out of 2,000 respondents to the UK study, 42 percent of those who had heated floors said they helped to provide a better level of comfort than other heating sources.

That instant comfort is irresistible once you’ve experienced it. Read more about the comfort that heated floors can bring even to something as cold as granite in "Share Your Story: Toasty Toes Even on Marble Floors”. The Rieger family in New Jersey installed and fell in love with our TempZone™ Flex Rolls in their bathroom.

“We knew that having floor heating was key to our comfort, especially because we were installing luxurious — but often cold — marble floors,” shared Stacy Rieger. “I can’t tell you how nice it is to wake up during the night and feel a nice warm floor under your feet instead of cold marble!”

The heated floor systems from WarmlyYours enable homeowners to spread the comfort throughout the entire home — even past the bathroom.

Carpeted or laminate floors, wood floors, and even concrete floors can be warmed with WarmlyYours' products, making cold, uninviting spaces more welcoming throughout the cold winter months.

Kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, offices, sunrooms, patios, basements and even garages can be “addictively” comfortable.

Luxury Master Bathroom featuring Sierra towel warmers and electric floor heating

With WarmlyYours' heating cables and mats, your home’s floors will be as warm and functional as they are attractive, generating even, soothing heat across the entire floor. No cold spots.

Bathroom remodeling is expected to be a huge trend in 2015, after kitchens dominated 2014. As bathrooms remain the No. 1 room that homeowners choose to install heated floors in, that would be a lot of people who experience the comfort of heated floors. Maybe they’ll have their own “Skyler moment” when they step onto the floor for the first time. 

It’s safe to say that once you get them, you can never go back. Keep on tweeting what you think of #heatedfloors — we would love to hear from you!






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