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With Imagination, Renters Can Turn An Apartment Into A Home

Apartment dwellers don't have to be satisfied with standard-issue lighting, blah window treatments or bland wall colors that are available to them in most rentals. They can infuse their new digs with a...

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If A Full Scale Makeover Is Delayed, Make Small Changes To Liven Up A Home

Home renovations take time and effort, and not everyone is up to the task of upgrading as soon as they move into new digs. When a full-scale makeover isn't possible, homeowners can make simple, temporary...

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In Paints And Stains, Finish Counts As Much As Colors And Wood Tones

Homeowners generally focus on two things when faced with a barrage of paint chips at home improvement stores. They're looking for the ideal shade for their projects and they want it to last so they don't...

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Beautify Side Yards As Part Of A Home's Curb Appeal

Side yards are often the stepchildren of outdoor living spaces. While patios and decks have beautiful furniture sets, and luscious landscaping adds to the curb appeal in front of homes, side yards are...

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Homeowners May Be Inspired By Historical And Regional Influences

Wherever they live, homeowners can incorporate home styles associated with certain regions within their own dwellings. That way they can include particular historical periods or architectural influences...

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