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Consider Investing In A Radiant Heating System Today

There's nothing quite like coming home to a warm, toasty house after walking in from the frigid outdoors. However, not everyone has this luxury - depending on your house's energy efficiency, it may be...

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Seasonal Porches Can Be Outfitted With Radiant Heat For Use Year Round

Outdoor spaces and porches are increasingly being viewed by homeowners as extensions of their homes' living space. Nowhere is that more true than in a three-season sunroom, which can easily be transformed...

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5 Tips For Transforming A Basement Into A Bedroom

When you think of a warm, comfortable bedroom, you may not envision a space in a basement. However, many people transform these areas of their homes into livable rooms that provide them with comfort and...

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With Radiant Heat Clearing The Entry, Doors Shine As The Gateway To A Home

A front door is the gateway into someone's home and should be in sync with the architectural style of the house. But function is also a big part of choosing the right door for a home, and the wide...

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Zoned Areas And Radiant Heat Make A Long Room More Welcoming

By regulating foot traffic, creating activity "zones" and playing up a room's best features, home decorators can solve a vexing problem in a long, rectangular space - how to even out its shape. "If you...

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