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Multi Functional Rooms Can Meet The Needs Of The Whole Family

Family rooms satisfy their multi-functional theme best by balancing the needs of every family member . To achieve that goal, make sure there's good lighting, kid-friendly furnishings and "zoned" areas...

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Balance High End Furnishings With Flea Market 'Finds' For Unique Home Style

A strong sense of style, creative ideas and resourcefulness help both professional and home decorators bring together the best contemporary furnishings and collectible finds to create home design that's...

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Unexpected Designer Tips May Create Illusion Of Space In Small Bedrooms

Trying to make a small bedroom look more spacious can leave many homeowners scratching their heads in confusion. But they may be surprised by some of the tips learned by decorators over the years to solve...

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Homeowners Have A Wide Choice Of Brick Styles For Outdoor Pavement

Bricks are among the most classic and durable of surface choices. They work well with both contemporary and traditional architectural styles and are suitable for virtually any climate or region, whether...

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Home Theater Design Should Be Tailored To Family's Needs

Once the basics for a home theater are in place - the flat screen TV, surround sound speakers and related home entertainment equipment - there are other design factors that can influence the quality of...

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