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Giving Your City Apartment Some Rustic Character

If you live in an urban environment like New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, you probably find yourself yearning for a little countryside or rural charm every so often. In fact, you may miss the...

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Thanksgiving Housewarming Gift Guide

It's the holiday season, which means you're bound to be visiting friends and family members just about every spare weekend evening, toting pies and cakes and dishes of delicious food everywhere. Chances...

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Give Your Bathroom A Blush Of Color With These Stylish Updates

Face it, your bathroom is looking a little bland. Drab colors like white, gray and beige just won't cut it when it comes to getting your bathroom to look lively and warm, especially as the weather turns...

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Making Your Home Dog Friendly So Your Pooch Can Get Cozy This Winter

Undoubtedly, you're doing a little renovating and remodeling to your domicile this winter in order to make your Thanksgiving and holiday season guests feel more at home. But have you considered making a...

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Now's The Time To Invest In A Snow Melting System

While most of the Northeast managed to avoid the heavy snowfall of last year's Halloween, with the recent Hurricane Sandy, it's a grim reminder of how Mother Nature can catch us off guard. While we're not...

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