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Keeping Your Kitchen Trendy, Green And Efficient

It's about to get pretty blustery outside once the snow flurries start. But just because you're hoping for a white Christmas doesn't mean you should give up on your green thinking. After all, there's...

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Keeping The Guest Room Warm This Thanksgiving

With winter storms threatening as early as late October, one thing's for sure - you're going to want to be warm and toasty come Thanksgiving, and your guests will too. Don't cut corners or wait 'til next...

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Three Great Floor Types For Radiant Heat And Their Benefits

Radiant heating systems are fast becoming the premier heating choice of the green revolution. More efficient than forced hot air and better for air quality, using minimal electricity and concentrated on...

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Constructing The Studio Of Your Dreams

We all have dreams and aspirations that just don't line up with our practical, work-a-day lives. After all, making it as a painter or hobbyist in our current economic climate isn't conducive to supporting...

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Keeping Your Foyer Warm In The Cold Weather

The foyer, or entryway, of a home is one of the most subtly important areas. We pass through our own foyers every day. It's often the first impression we receive of other people's homes, a place where we...

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