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Columbus Day Weekend Renovations For Your Home

If you've been looking for an opportunity to get a little work done around the house, this upcoming Columbus Day weekend may be just the chance you need. While you're sure to hit up a harvest festival or...

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Remodeling Your Dining Room To Be More Dynamic

So, you feel like the majority of your house's interior design has got some character. The kitchen is boastful, the bathroom sassy, the living area ideal for a jazzy party or cozy lounging - it's really...

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Four Eclectic Styles For Your Bathroom

When it comes to your home's bathroom, style tends to take a backseat to function. After all, when you consider everything that gets done in a bathroom - showering to blow drying to brushing your teeth or...

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How To Make The Most Of Your Master Suite's Large Bathroom

Who would have thought that after years of suffering through apartment bathrooms the size of a janitor's closet, you've finally found an epic bathroom worthy of your interior design schemes? While you're...

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Melding The Victorian And Modern

You don't need to own a Victorian home to get excited about the number of design opportunities this school of interior decorating offers. Whether you live in an actual 19th-century house or just want to...

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