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Furnishing Your New Basement Living Room

In some homes, the upstairs living room is more of a formal space than a room in which anyone actually lives. Reserved for parties and functions, it's not the part of the house where you kick back on the...

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Four Signs You May Be Ready For Radiant Floor Heating

You've probably been tempted by the eco-friendly promise of radiant heat previously. It's a great way to keep your home warm and avoid doing undue damage to the environment. But it's also an investment,...

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Turning Your Sunroom Into Your Living Room For Autumn And Winter

Not every home is lucky enough to be equipped with a gorgeous sunroom, but those that are find the space to be a semi-annual treat. While the summer glare can get this space overheated, it's perfect for...

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Designing And Furnishing Your New Crafts Studio

The arts and crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th century is experiencing its own minor renaissance in the digital age. What more than a century ago stood to represent the aesthetic and...

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Renovating Your Guest Room For A Comfy Fall

While there won't be as many vacationers swinging by to visit over the fall months, plenty of friends and family will be coming your way during the holidays. Whether you're putting up a few old college...

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