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Designing A Fun And Functional Home Gym

With summer on the horizon, you may be looking to drop a few pounds in preparation for beach weather, so a gym membership may seem like the obvious choice. But, if you don't make a commitment to get to...

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Tips To Make Your Home Hypoallergenic Year Round

Whether you suffer from spring pollen or the dry air of fall, allergies can be extremely taxing. After sneezing and sniffling all day, coming home to a clean and sterile home is ideal, but it can be tough...

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Playful Uses Of Color That Can Revitalize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom will see a lot of use over the coming months as you begin to throw outdoor barbecues and summer cocktail parties. While your space may not need a major remodel, a few decorative touches here...

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Planning Comfort And Safety Driven Improvements In Your Toddler's Room

As your baby grows out of his crib and starts to make his way around your home, you may be thinking about a few child-proof improvements that can make his room a much safer place. Your son may get into...

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Designing A Functional And Efficient Man Cave In Your Basement

The man cave has become the dream of many male homeowners, and you may be thinking of constructing one yourself if you have the extra space to work with. As a place to enjoy sporting events, video games...

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