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Exploring The Differences Between Hydronic And Electric Radiant Heating Systems

As a radiant heating floor professional, it's important for you to understand the different types of radiant heating systems that are available on the market. This can help you ensure that your clients...

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Installing A Radiant Heating System To Prepare For Next Winter

Although spring is just around the corner, many homeowners might still be digging themselves out of inches of snow in cold regions across the country. Most people like to think that they are properly...

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Transforming A Home Office Into A Functional, Welcoming Space

If you have the option to telecommute at your current job and you want to take advantage of a spare room in your home, you might want to convert it into an office. However, there is more to designing a...

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Designing A Functional And Appealing Guest Bathroom

Many homeowners who regularly have guests stay at their place or enjoy entertaining choose to transform a bathroom into a guest bathroom for convenience. This allows them to keep a master bathroom with...

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Creating A Modern Living Room With Contemporary Design Elements

If you are working with homeowners who are interested in transforming their living room into a chic, modern space, there are a couple of things you can keep in mind to make their design dreams come true....

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