Hardwired 4-Setting Countdown Timer

Hardwired 4-Setting Countdown Timer

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  • Four preset heating duration options: 2 hr, 1 hr, 30 min, and 15 min
  • Can be used to control hardwired towel warmers or radiant panels safely
  • Simple 'press-and-hold' override functionality
  • Three interchangeable faceplates: white (installed), ivory, and light almond
  • Comes with a white wallplate


The Hardwired 4-Setting Countdown Timer from WarmlyYours is an effective control option for towel warmers or radiant panels. With 4 different countdown settings (2hr, 1hr, 30min, and 15min) and an on/off button, this timer control is the perfect option for those of us with unpredictable schedules. You just select the running duration you want for your device and continue on with your day. This also helps cut down on running your device unnecessarily, which can translate to significant energy savings. With just 4 preset buttons and an on/off button, the operation of this control couldn’t be easier. Comes with a white wallplate and 3 interchangeable faceplates: white (installed), ivory, and light almond.


  • 4 preset heating duration options: 2hr, 1hr, 30min, and 15min
  • Comes with a white wall plate and 3 interchangeable faceplates: white (installed), ivory, and light almond
  • Simple “press-and-hold” override functionality
  • Hardwired 120 VAC electrical connection
  • Can be used to control hardwired towel warmers or radiant panels 
  • Safe: cCSAus listed
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Lifetime technical support from WarmlyYours  



Color White
Mounting Method In-wall, single-gang box


Connection Method Hardwired
Maximum Load (Resistive Only) 20 A
Voltage 120 VAC


Country of Origin (COO) United States of America

Product Dimensions

Installed Dimensions 4.13 in x 1.75 in x 1.40 in


SKU GK16-30090-0001
UPC (GTIN-12) 881308058432

Warranty / Certifications

Warranty 5-year limited warranty

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Can I install the towel warmer myself or do I need to hire someone to do it for me?

Each towel warmer comes with an instruction manual which fully explains how to install the device from start to finish. If you can hang a picture, you can probably install a heated towel rack. However, for hardwired models, you will need a licensed professional who is certified to do electrical wiring for the final hook-up. 

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Can the electric towel warmer be installed “upside down” to change the power access point?

Yes, most of our wall-mounted towel warmers have a fixed power location in the lower right corner.  All of our heated towel racks are electric "dry" (liquid/oil-free) units and most can be installed "upside down". Doing so will result in the power location relocating from the lower right corner to the upper left corner.

Please see the installation video here:  https://www.warmlyyours.com/en-US/video-media/towel-warmer-install

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How hot does the towel warmer actually get and is there any possibility of damage?

The heated towel rack will heat up to between 100 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not produce sufficient heat to injure you if you touch or brush up against it, though you should still exercise caution around the device. Please note that once a heated towel rail is warmed up, the surface temperature will remain constant and can't be adjusted incrementally. 

The heated towel racks have a built-in offset from the wall (the size of the offset will depend on which model you purchased); the offset provides sufficient clearance to prevent any damage to the wall. You should also maintain a distance of four inches between the towel warmer and surrounding fixtures.

Additionally, nearly all of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C).

*Excludes the Elements model.

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How do I use the towel warmer after it is installed?

Our towel warmers are designed for everyday use and all of them include an integrated on/off switch. Please note that the Ibiza model includes additional built-in timer options for controlling the unit. WarmlyYours also offers a wide array of controls that can be used with your heated towel rack. Depending on the control you select, you can program the heated towel rack to your schedule or operate it remotely. Just bear in mind that the heated towel rack is designed to gradually warm towels over the course of a day and does work best when towels are left to hang for about 3 hours.

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Does the towel warmer have an automatic shutoff function?

The heated towel rack is designed to stay on at a relatively constant temperature to keep your bathrobes and towels fresh, warm, and dry. However, should you need to turn the unit off for any reason, you can use the integrated on/off switch on the unit. If you’re using a control for your heated towel rack, you may need to shut off the unit there as well. 

Most of our electric towel warmer models* come with built-in TempSmart™ overheat protection which will shut the unit down automatically if the unit's surface exceeds the safety limit of between 149°F (65°C) and 167°F (75°C). 

*Excludes the Elements model. 

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Hardwired 4-Setting Countdown Timer achieved an average rating of 4.8 stars with 27 reviews by our customers.

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WiFi controller

Chris V., Naperville, IL on 05/09/2023

Great product. Would definitely recommend this product

Met Every Expectation!

Anonymous, Macungie, PA on 03/01/2023

My WarmlyYours "London" towel warmer is absolutely terrific! Our construction contractor and the electrician who installed it both marveled at how great it looks, operates and was easy to install. It delivers everything I expected from the online description and was half the price of the one our retail bathroom fixture purveyor recommended. We couldn't be happier with our entire purchasing experience with WarmlyYours!


James S., Carmel, IN on 11/21/2022

WarmlyYours was outstanding in checking in, answering my questions, and following up after the sale to make sure everything was working as I hoped. I’ve not worked with another company that was so complete in their support!

Great Follow Up

William L., St. Helena, CA on 07/01/2022

I’m very impressed with the ease of ordering, prompt shipping, and after purchase follow up provided by WarmlyYours.

Good towel warmer wish there were more sizes available

Elliot K., Manhattan, NY on 06/28/2022

Took a while to figure out that in order to use the timer I needed to push the button on the actual towel warmer to turn on the heat. I live in NYC so space is at a premium. Could have used a narrower rack that was taller

Have not installed yet as renos are not happening until Novem

Saveria M., Richmond Hill, ON on 06/23/2022

Have not installed yet as renos are not happening until November. Will submit a review then. Thanks

Doesn't Properly Warm a Towel

Nancy H., Oakton, VA on 06/16/2022

I was very disappointed with this towel warmer. I've lived in Europe where they are very commonplace and had a previous towel warmer in my home. So I had a expectation that the towel would be warm when I got out of the shower. I compare the warmth on this towel warmer to that of drinking lukewarm coffee. Yes, it's warm but not warm enough to enjoy. I am happy that WarmlyYours is working with me to replace it with a different brand so I'll have a towel warmer that does the job of properly warming up a towel.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you for your review. We're sorry that you had a less-than-satisfactory experience with your first towel warmer. We hope that you enjoy your replacement unit for many years to come!

Perfect for our new bathroom!

Jo J., Banning, CA on 04/03/2022

Our master bathroom is always freezing! We live in one of those homes that doesn't have a bathroom door in the master bedroom. So, when we decided to remodel, I was all about doing something to make the area warmer. (You wouldn't think this is something to worry about in SoCal, but it is!) We talked about building a door to keep the heat in, but that was going to be a big job and we weren't sure we would like another door, in a small space. I started investigating heat panels as a different option and found WarmlyYours online. Our contractor had never heard of the panel, but was game to install it. I bought the timer switch to go with and we had it hardwired in. Wow, what a difference it has made! Not too hot, just enough to take the cold edge off. The panel looks great on the wall; we are so happy to find this unique answer to our remodel problem. I would (and have) recommend these radiant heat panels to anyone.

Great product great service

Bob C., Los Osos, CA on 03/16/2022

We have been working with WarmlyYours for over 20 years and they have provided great products and timely responses. They will service you well.

I purchased the towel warmer.

Anthony C., Selma, TX on 02/11/2022

It works as described. However, it was quite a task to get the faceplate on. Something that you should address. Ms Jennifer Melus, was very helpful when I had to order the control box and plate. It should have been included?

Response from WarmlyYours:

We apologize Anthony that your timer was not included in the box that you purchased from Overstock. I'm happy Jennifer was able to get that to you quickly and offer you a discount coupon for your next order. We truly appreciate your feedback and your business. - Julia Billen (Owner)

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