Collar won't go on Infinty HW


How does one get the collar on the hard wired Infinity towel warmer?


As long as there is a small sliver of black rubber in the collar visible around the tube, the collar will push on.  If there is metal to metal contact prohibiting the collar from mounting, then we will need to send a replacement.
Put a very small amount of lightweight household oil around the edge of the tube and on the rubber o-ring inside the collar.  Place the collar on the floor or a sturdy table.  Take the warmer and place the tube on the collar and push down on the tube until it pushes into the collar.  Take a clean rag and clean any residual oil from the unit.  They may need to rock the tube back & forth very slightly to get the tube into the rubber ring, but it will go.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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