LCD-8 installation using a PVC conduit and Temperature Set Point configuration.


Installation using a PVC conduit and Temperature Set Point configuration.

ETI said that LCD-8 Aerial Snow Controller is designed to be mounted using PVC conduit or PVC adapter if using metal conduit, because of ground fault reasons. They don't want to trip the GFCI by using a metal conduit to install the controller.

About the configuration of LCD-8 they used 4 settings for the Temperature Set Point:

- OFF(1 pulse) - it means that the controller ignores the temperature sensor and it will power the heating system only if there is moisture on the snow sensor. They choose this setting because they sold in the past snow controllers with only moisture sensor and if they need to replace one of those they will send LCD-8.

- 36 F (2 Pulses) - these setting was requested a lot by customers from climate zones where 36F was enough to melt the snow and they didn't want to waste more energy than is necessary.

- 38 F (3 pulses) - default - best desired temperature to melt snow. Best energy efficient - based on their experiences and calculations.

- 40 F (4 pulses) - for climate zones where even if the air temperature is higher, the ground temperature is less than 32 F. 

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