Sierra Dimensions and Hardware Change for Sierra and Metropolitan


Sierra TW Dimensions and hardware change mid-run.

The hardware for this unit changed for the classic in mid production.  The screw used to mount the legs to the warmer were originally a phillips pan head, M5 x 12.  It has changed to a 6mm socket head screw in the latest version.  Please see the attachments..
23-5/8” - Width of the unit


31-1/2“ - Height of the unit


6-3/8” - From top of unit to the top anchor point


18-7/8” - Height between anchor points


22-3/8” - Width between anchor points


6-1/4” - From bottom of the unit to the bottom anchor point


3-1/8” - From bottom anchor point to the wiring


4-3/4" - Depth of the unit

Written by Anatoliy Isayenko
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