Troubleshooting Guide for Countertop Heaters


Countertop Heating Mat has ceased heating

1.) Verify that the circuit breaker powering the circuit for the countertop heating mat is on and not tripped. If breaker is tripped, reset it.

2.) Using a digital volt meter, verify 120 vacuous present at the outlet powering the thermal control unit (TCU). No power present at outlet, inspect electrical supply line between the breaker and the outlet, and the outlet itself. Repair/Replace line or outlet.

3.) Using a digital volt meter set to the 200 ohm setting, verify ohms of the heating mat. No ohms present, Replace mat.

4.) Using a digital volt meter, verify 120 vac by placing the probes of the meter in the outlet out of the thermal control unit (TCU). If no power at outlet of TCU, replace TCU.

5.) Using a digtal volt meter, verify transformer is supplying stated voltage. If no voltage present out of transformer and there is power at the outlet of TCU, replace transformer.

Written by Tom Steffek
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