Troubleshooting the circuit check


An overview of potential issues with the circuit check device and how to correct them.

The circuit check is a device used during installation that will signal a fault when the fault occurs. At times the circuit check may sound it's alarm when a fault is not present. Always have an ohms meter handy to measure against the circuit check's alarm. The following tips will help in determining if their is a fault or if the circuit check is registering a "false positive" result.

When hooked up to the Tempzone roll and the circuit check's alarm sounds:

1. Ensure that the battery strength is good. Replace batteries if necessary. If the alarm continues after the batteries have been replaced, please check the Tempzone's resistance (core to core and core to ground readings) with the ohms meter. If the meter's results match the resistance on the heating roll's UL label and no resistance is registered between the core and ground components, please try the tip detailed in step 2.

2. Ensure that each component of the floor heat wiring is securely centered and secured under the appropriate terminal. Also ensure that there is nowireinsulation in the way of metal to metal contact within the device terminals.


If both of these steps have been taken, and the alarm continues to sound. The circuit check may need to be replaced.

If the unit does not sound when turned on without the floor circuit connected, please ensure that the batteries have been installed correctly.

Written by Christopher Sphar
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