Lumidesign LED Mirror No Lights


Lumidesign LED Mirror has no lights when switched on.

1. Verify 120VAC coming to the wall switch controlling the LED Mirror.

IF NOT, inspect the breaker, consult with electrician.  Replace breaker.


2. Verify 120VAC exiting the switch, to the unit/junction box.

IF NOT, test the switch with multimeter, switch may be faulty.  Replace switch. 


3. Verify 120VAC at house wiring in the junction box behind the mirror.

IF NOT, wiring between the switch and the junction box may be damaged and need to be repaired/replaced.  


Disconnect yellow connectors and verify 120VAC at male end of yellow connector.

IF NOT, verify house wiring is fully inserted into the plug.  Re-seat wiring into plug,  Retest for 120VAC at male end of connector.  Replace wiring from jbox to plug, or replace plug.


6. Verify that the wires traveling from the female end of the yellow connector to the transformer are not damaged and are fully inserted into the yellow plug.

IF NOT, ensure the conductors are fully stripped and firmly attached inside each terminal.


8.  Test the output side of the LED Driver.  Verify 24VDC on the transformer’s output at red and black wires exiting the driver. 

If 24VDC is not present on the transformer’s output, replace LED Driver/transformer.


9. Inspect wires feeding LED strip(s).  Disconnect and reconnect all connections and wires.  If damaged, replace LED strips and wire assembly.

LED driver spec sheet is attached.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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