30A, 85-277 VAC, NEMA 4X, C1D2. Dual Pole Single Pont Controller

Part Number: CM2001-N4X-S2
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Heat trace, heat tape, or heating cable for pipes is typically an electric heating cable that can be attached to the pipe which helps keep non-flowing water pipes in poorly insulated perimeter walls flowing despite harsh winter temperatures.

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No, as long as it's properly installed. However, improper installation, use, and/or maintenance of electrical heating cable can cause fires, electric shock, and/ or frozen pipes.

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By attaching a heating cable to the exterior of a pipe, it will transfer the heat to the pipe to prevent frozen pipes. And with the use of pipe insulation the heat will be evenly spread and won't dissipate as quickly.

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Unfortunately there's no set answer for this because it depends on many factors such as the diameter of the pipes, the installation density of the heating cables, the outdoor temperature, the installation of thermal insulation sleeves, etc.

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Publications and Manuals



Connection Method Hardwired
Voltage 120 VAC


Country of Origin (COO) United States of America


SKU CM2001-N4X-S2


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