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Below is a collection of blog posts written by WarmlyYours employees designed with the trade professional in mind. You will find stories from other pros, along with advice on selling or including our products in your price quotes.

If you have questions or input on these posts simply post a comment at the bottom of the post and will will do our best to respond in a timely manor.

WarmlyYours Training Webinar

The WarmlyYours Webinar consists of 6 training videos designed to better equip trade professionals and sales people alike, in the art of selling and understanding WarmlyYours Radiant Floor Heating. Each video lays emphasis on a different aspect of the floor heating product, hoping to give the you widest range of advice and information possible. After viewing the videos we invite you to take the short questionnaire and help add credentials to your resumé.

Video List

  • Sales Overview - Learn where and when to sell electric floor heating to maximize your sales
  • Primary Heating - Discover when electric floor heating can be used as a heat source
  • Floor Types - Learn about our floor heating systems for tile, wood, carpet and laminate
  • Installation Overview - Watch TV-star Amy Matthews install a WarmlyYours system
  • Pricing Tools - Find out how to price a floor heating project and get free plans
  • Retail Sales - Discover sales tips and display options to increase your sales

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