Large Bathroom & Walk-in Shower Remodel with Electric Floor Heating


This customer project by LHK Interiors highlights the coverage and ease of installation for our TempZone Flex Roll floor heating mats. This bathroom remodel features our electric floor heating system throughout the main room and the large walk-in shower area - all controlled by the same thermostat.

Video Transcript

So here is the heated flooring installed. They just glue this to the ground, and as you could see, the little coils.

So right here where there's a gap, it's going to be the shower glass door.

And then in the middle, it's the tub. So it's gonna go all the way up to where we shower, and then If you follow it all the way to here, is the vestibule, if you wanna be fancy, the toilet room, basically.

And then it just wraps over here. So it'll be nice because this is the vanity and then your toes will be warm. So definitely something that we needed because as we are aging, the floors are just getting too cold for me.

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