Introduction to Lava Radiant Panels

More than just decorative mirrors or glass, these panels add a cozy warmth to your home. Discover the features and benefits with this brief overview of Lava Radiant Heating Panels, available from WarmlyYours.

Wall Mounted Indoor Radiant Heating - Systems with Style

Homeowners who want to use radiant heating with easy installation and a fashionable appearance can try WarmlyYours' line of Lava Elite Light panels. The wall mounted Lave Elite panels make electric radiant heat sleek and stylish. These indoor heating panels may look like artwork for your home, yet they still provide the warmth and luxury you need for your rooms. These beautiful heating solutions also come in customizable options. You can get the panels in glass or mirror styles, as well as light or Swarvoski Elements crystals added. With so many options, you can find the radiant heating panels that add to the aesthetics of your rooms while still bringing you WarmlyYours' signature electric radiant heat. 

Warmly Yours presents the Lava Elite Light. It's the perfect marriage of energy efficient function and contemporary style for your home. Lava is easy to install and feature safe and healthy infrared heating technology that can be used as a primary heating source. We offer three luxury as options, lava glass, lava crystal, and lava light. The lava glass heating systems are available in pure white, light green, red, black, and a mirror finish. This system is perfect and form and never out of style. Accent your home with class and elegance, made with one of the most renowned and exquisite supplier of crystals in the world, Swarovski Elements.

This piece of art is not only a masterpiece but also a functional infrared heating system to probably display in your home. Our lava light is a stunning illuminated piece of art. This lava offers a unique on/off control for ambient lighting and heating technology. It is a light, mere, and heating system all road into one, saving you valuable space. Add extra function and style to your lava with one of our accessories. Add the lava bars to your heating panel to make it a functional tile warmer, or add brilliant light with our LED effect lighting accessory for accent and color change.

In addition to this stylish accessories, every lava comes with a programmable thermostat featuring a digital display that indicates the exact temperature, and auto and manual setting for adjusting your heating comfort level, and allows you to program up to four setting changes for each day of the week. For more information, visit our website, www.warmlyyours.com/lava. Warmly Yours Radiant Heating.