TempZone™ Flex Roll Installation Guide Part 5 - Installing Your Flooring

In part five of our install guide for TempZone Flex Rolls, learn how to easily install flooring on top of your newly installed floor heating systems.


As you finalize your heated floor system, you'll need to make some last-minute considerations to ensure your TempZone™ rolls are properly in place for years to come. In the fifth video in the Flex Roll Installation Guide series, a heated flooring expert explains how to place tiles directly over the installed wiring for a completed heating system.

The expert will also explain heated floor specifications set forth by various organizations, including National Tile Contractors Association, American National Standard and the Tile Council of America. As you're finishing up the last of your TempZone™ heated floor system, consult the manual, or contact Warmly Yours with any concerns or questions you may have.

A heating roll with its mesh support offers the installer the option for a single-step installation whereby the thinset is placed and spread directly over the roll with tile immediately following. A two-step installation uses a self-leveling material first to level the floor and cover the wires.

Only 1/8 of an inch is needed to match the wire height. Warmly Yours recommends following the guidelines and specifications set forth by associations such as the Tile Council of America, American National Standard, or the National Tile Contractors Association.

The final step is to wire the thermostat. Always used a licensed, qualified electrician. Now keep in mind it is recommended to let the thinset, self-leveling and grout fully cure before turning on the system.