Why and How to Sell Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems

Electric Floor Heating for Enhanced Comfort


Electric radiant heating in your floors can transform the feel of a home and completely enhance homeowners’ day-to-day living. Whether it’s installed in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or some other space, radiant in-floor heating can easily be added in for a new home or during a remodeling project. WarmlyYours has all the products homeowners could need for radiant floor heating. Learn some of the benefits of our floor heating systems.

Video Transcript

Written by Kerilyn Merritt

Voice-over/Narration: Kerilyn Merritt

In-floor heating can be integral part of your customer's remodeling or new construction project. Knowing how and why to sell in-floor heating cannot only benefit you as a professional but can ultimately help your customer discover the benefits of having a warm floor in their home.

When it comes to the why, let's consider the customer. What advantages will in-floor heating bring to their lives? Help them imagine enjoying a heated breakfast nook in the morning with the family or a warm carpet in the playroom for their children.

In-floor heating can provide added comfort to the living space, taking the chill off of cold tile in a bathroom or adding warmth to the ambient temperature of a room.

Cost savings. In-floor heating can perhaps reduce energy bills with supplemental or primary heat.

In-floor heating can also be a healthier heating option as opposed to forced air, which can circulate dust and pollen. With radiant heat, this is not a concern.

When it comes to selling electric floor heating, let's assume that many customers are unaware that it exists. Your objective is to introduce them to the idea of radiant heat and the comfort it can provide in their home.

Use your heated tabletop display and other marketing materials that are available to you to your advantage. Have your WarmlyYours heated tabletop display visible; describing your warm floors one thing, letting a customer feel a warm tile display is another.

After all is said and done, provide the solution with a quote. Use the tools of quoting either online with our online instant quotation tool for quick pricing or our project planner to create a design online or simply call your WarmlyYours account manager to walk you through the sales process.

If you'd like to learn more about how and why, to sell in-floor heating, feel free to give a call to (800) 875-5285 and speak with your WarmlyYours account manager.

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