Pipe Small #1

Flooring Pipe
Voltage 240V

Installation Options

Attaching a heating cable to the exterior of the pipe will keep it from freezing. Also known as heat tracing cable or heat tape, this small, flexible cable can be wrapped around the pipe and will maintain the temperature of the pipe, keeping water flowing. If you have any questions about Pipe Freeze Protection, you can contact us directly.

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  1. Roof and Gutter De-icing
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Installation Options

Roof and Gutter De-icing

These heating cables are designed for safe and effective roof and gutter deicing.

Their high-quality heating cable generates 5-10 watts per lineal foot.

Cost to Operate: $0.43/hour @ $0.15/kWh

Estimated Quote

280 x
PRO-Tect: Pipe Freeze Protection Self-Regulating Heating Cable (Sold by the Foot), 5W/ft. 240 VAC