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​Share Your Story: Wave Bye-Bye To A Slippery, Snowy Driveway

Customers (yes, you!) are the lifeblood of WarmlyYours. Without them, how would we measure our success over the long term? Really, the best way to better serve our customers is by receiving feedback from them and obtaining an overall picture of their satisfaction, experience, loyalty and preferences.

Recently, Ken Haas was selected as our “Share Your Story” winner. Ken was pleased with the product and as a homeowner, he gave us an insightful interview on the how the snow melting mats he purchased from WarmlyYours furnished an affordable benefit for him.

“My driveway is on a hill and that makes driving up and down in the winter time very inconvenient. The snow melt mats used for melting the tire tracks have made my driveway usable” again during the winter months, said Ken.

Ken installed tire tracks snow-melt mats under a brick-paver driveway. He purchased six 2x50-foot and two 2x10-foot snow melt mats for installation under the brick driveway. He was satisfied to see the snow melt mats quickly laid down in less than three hours.

A Homeowner’s Insight On WarmlyYours’ Snow Melt Mats:

We asked Ken to provide other homeowners a detailed insight on the installation process, and here’s what he shared: “Laying down the snow melt mats was easy, in fact, it was the easiest part of the entire process.”

Next, we asked Ken if he faced an unexpected challenge; Ken shared with us that because he had located the controller of the system in the shed, at the end of the driveway, he was unable to confirm from inside of the house if the snow melt mats were operating or not. He overcame this issue by having his electrician simply install an additional LED light on the outside of the shed that turned on every time the snow melt mats were energized. It was that simple!

Why The Homeowner Chose WarmlyYours’ Snow Melting Solution:

“I chose WarmlyYours based on the strong recommendation of my electrician, who had nothing but positive things to say about WarmlyYours’ Snow Melting Solutions.” Ken said it was easy to trust and rely on the words of an expert and an experienced electrician who had installed many snow-melt solutions before.

We know the next question on your mind: How long does the Snow Melting System take to melt the snow? According to Ken, the first trial saw temperature in the upper 20s and low 30s and the snow-melting was instant. “Even though the system is designed to turn on automatically when snow is detected, I knew it was going to snow in the next hour so I turned the system on and when the snow arrived, not a flake stuck to the tracks,” he said.

Ken figured that his mats cost him around $3.50 an hour to run. But remember, Ken is melting 640 square feet of snow! For instance, a 4-hour snowfall would cost Ken around $21. If Ken ran the snow melting mats for 6 hours (about ½ a penny per hour for every square foot), it would cost him less than $75 to run the system and melt snow on his driveway for an entire 24 hours.

Share Your Story With WarmlyYours

WarmlyYours offers a wide, affordable variety of outdoor radiant heating solutions to ease homeowners’ challenges in dealing with snow and ice. Our Snow Melt Mats and Cable Systems can be installed directly under concrete, asphalt or in mortar underneath pavers to keep your ramps ice- and snow-free and save you from hours of snow shoveling all through the winter season.

If you have installed any of our Snow Melting Systems and would like to share your story with us, you can do so by clicking here. Don’t forget, the story that you share qualifies you for a chance to win a $100 check! If you have any questions, contact us at 800-875-5285. We look forward to hearing from you!

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