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Roof and Gutter Deicing Radiant Heating Installation in Concord, MA

Massachusetts is a place where the winters are cold and harsh, and many houses are suffering damaged by snow and ice each year. With snow and ice building on top of roofs, the damage can costs thousands of dollars. Ice damage is known to cause roof leaks, rotting and interior damage, which can ultimately cause health and structural complications.

In order to prevent ice and snow damage, Rob Robillard of A Concord Carpenter shares and demonstrates how to install WarmlyYours roof and gutter deicing system on an old house in Massachusetts. The WarmlyYours gutter deicing system is a permanent home solution to fight against the damaging effects of winter’s heavy snow and ice.

The deicing system consists of high quality copper cables, a controller, thermostat, and a premium-aerial sensor. The aerial sensor has a reach of over 2,000 feet and it detects falling/blowing snow at temperatures below 38°. Within the controller there is a timer that you can set in order to have control over the amount of time you want to utilize the heating system.

The control box can be easily hidden in the basement and then it can run through a weatherproof junction box leading up through the gutters to the roof.

Rob’s project takes place on top of an old the roof consisting of slate shingles. The cables are mounted in a saw-tooth pattern, which allows rain and water to drain properly. He uses two different types of cable fasteners that also vary in size, for optimum security.

The cables are secured to the roof with either aluminum or copper fasteners, depending on the location of the cable. An adhesive pad can either secure the fastener to the roof/gutter, or a larger fastener with a hook can attach to a nail under the shingles. Once the cables are fastened and secured in place, the aerial sensor is mounted in an unobstructed area on the roof and then the installation process is finished.

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