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Share Your Story: Kitchen and Dining Room Floor Heating Install

RADIATE Positivity is all about being a positive force and influence in life and work. Here at WarmlyYours, we believe that the word radiant goes beyond our heating products, it is who we are.

Our most recent “Share Your Story” winner is from Rogers, AR, Michael Deventer, who installed WarmlyYours TempZone™ Twin floor heating with a SmartStat™ Thermostat and Cerazorb®, underlayment in their kitchen and dinning room. 

Take a moment to read their story:

My wife, Cynthia, and I were very interested in heating our kitchen and dining room floors. I am one of those DIYers and also someone who likes to research something until I feel I have found the best product and I know the process well enough not to make too many mistakes. 

After visiting a couple of big box stores and a local electric supply company and talking with sales associates that seemed to know just a little more than I did, I continued my search online. I was still unable to locate a company that was able to answer all my questions.

That changed when I found WarmlyYours and spoke with their sales support associate, Jennifer West. She not only came across knowledgeable, but also was the first person to suggest that I use a thermal break.

My father had questioned the heat loss when using a floor warming mat, but no other company had mentioned the thermal break. Jennifer offered two options.

The first option was cork and the second option was Cerazorb®, a synthetic underlayment. I opted to use the Cerazorb®. She answered my questions and then suggested that I utilize their floor planners to lay out the floor warming mat for me. She also suggested I view the videos of previous installations.

One other thing that made my decision easy was the WarmlyYours warranty. I was starting to feel more confident about the purchase. That left the installation.

I found that the WarmlyYours floor heating mats were easy to install 

You can see by the pictures we were successful in getting the Cerazorb®, floor warming mat and the tile installed. I would strongly suggest that anyone interested in floor heating view the videos, ask any and all questions you may have, utilize WarmlyYours floor heating layout team, and prepare your area.

Both Cynthia and I love the warm floors and the SmartStat™ thermostat is great. We will definitely be installing the system in our master bathroom next.

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