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The Feng Shui of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is a wonderful technology with so many uses -- but how can it possibly connect with Feng Shui? And what is Feng Shui, anyway?

Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is the art and science of balancing your home or office environment and bringing your life into alignment with the harmonies of nature. To do this, we work with nature’s Five Elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.

Each element brings particular characteristics into your space, affecting the sense of balance you experience in your life. For instance, Earth is the element of nourishment and stability, Metal of organization and discernment, Water of courage and insight, and Wood of growth and flexibility.

The Fire element is expansive; it is the element of personal fulfillment, enthusiasm and warmth. Fire’s charismatic qualities “light up” your social life and your ability to be spontaneous and adventurous.

feng shui and radiant heat

You need the Fire element to live your life to its fullest. Radiant heat technology gives you a unique and subtle way to bring the Fire element into your space without literally lighting a fire or using the color red to decorate every room!

Here are some of the wonderful ways that radiant heat brings the benefits of good Feng Shui into your home, and into your life.

Your Front Entryway – The front entry is one of the most important parts of your home according to Feng Shui, because this is where the universal energy called Chi enters your environment.

Outside and in, it’s important to provide Chi energy – and people! – With a sense of welcome. Good lighting and a clear house number are keys to attracting positive Chi, but I can’t think of a better way to provide a “warm” welcome than with front steps that are always clear of snow or ice, and a foyer where visitors feel a sense of coziness as soon as they enter your home.

Your Kitchen – In Feng Shui the kitchen is important because it’s the source of your health – and your wealth. The nourishing, healthy food you prepare there enables you to go out in the world and make a successful living.

In addition the kitchen is one of the most social spots in any home, so adding radiant floor heating will give you the ability to keep it warm and inviting, improving your social life as well.

When I was young, our kitchen floor was always cold because there was no basement underneath it – how I wish we’d had radiant heat!

feng shui fire and bathrooms

Your Bathroom – Warm, dry towels? A nice warm floor to step onto when you get out of the bath or shower? What could be lovelier?

Bathrooms are dominated by Water energy, which in Feng Shui is considered cold and downward moving. The Fire-y nature of radiant heat does wonders to lift the energy and replace the dampness with warmth and luxury, for a room where you’ll love to spend time.


About Our Guest Blogger, Ann Bingley Gallops

Ann Bingley Gallops is a Feng Shui expert and the owner of Open Spaces Feng Shui in New York City. Ann offers private Feng Shui consultations for homes, offices and business, helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals by balancing the elements in their spaces. Her services include long-distance consultations, space-clearing and blessing ceremonies, and Feng Shui design with a modern, practical approach. Ann also works with interior designers, architects and home stagers to maximize the beauty and value of any space.

Ann practices Feng Shui with an MBA from Columbia University, a Practitioner’s Certificate from the Western School of Feng Shui, and Red Ribbon Professional membership in the International Feng Shui Guild. Check out Ann’s blog, Feng Shui Tips & Insights, and subscribe to her popular Feng Shui newsletter!

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