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Not Your Ordinary Bathroom

radiant heat in bathrooms

The average person visits the bathroom approximately 2,500 times per year – this room gets a lot of traffic, but is often neglected for proper attention. However, in recent years we’ve seen bathrooms become bigger and better – and there is now an influx of more homeowners seeking to remodel and redesign their bathroom.

Bathrooms have become a central remodeling project for homeowners to tackle. Many are tearing down walls and creating an open design, adding space, function, and luxury. In the long run, you will actually save money by remodeling your home, because it is no secret that a well-designed, modern bath increases the value and appeal of your home to potential buyers.

One top trend today is creating a sense of luxury with modern amenities. Many homeowners are adding high-tech features such as, LED lighting, steam showers, luxurious stone and glass, and some of our personal favorites – heated floors, towel warmers, and mirror defoggers.

Great lighting matters; whether LED or special track or recessed lighting – adding clean and modern lighting is a great way to create and foster a warm, calm atmosphere that everyone craves. If you’re interested in LED lights, they will definitely add the benefit of a long life span, and use less energy - saving the environment and saving you money.

So, you have great lighting, a beautiful Jacuzzi tub, or a wonderful waterfall or steam shower, but then you have to step out on cold tile or stone, wrap yourself in a cold towel. Doesn’t seem right, does it? And, not to mention all that steam from the shower; it’s fogged up your mirror! Add value, warmth, and practicality to your bathroom by adding in-floor radiant heating under that cold tile and stone – I promise you, you’ll love your floor again! To continue the spa experience, add a towel warmer and mirror defogger. They will create a wonderfully opulent environment that turns your bath into a superior spa experience!

Okay, so I’ve convinced you, right? But, it all costs money… and, aren’t we always looking for good value? I mean, we’re trying to save money not overspend it! What many people do not know is that these luxuries are also efficiencies on the energy bill and on the wallet! One important point about our products is that they may save you money over time. Adding and installing electric radiant heat will actually lower your heating bill, saving you up to 25-30% annually. With a little extra attention, you can create and modernize your ideal bathroom, and even reduce your energy or heating bills at the same time.

Don’t settle for an ordinary bathroom; go for the extraordinary!

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