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The Trick To Heating Your Cold Bedroom Over The Garage

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Does your home have a room above a garage? Does that room tend to be cold during the winter season? If that’s the case, then you’re not alone. A cold room (bedroom, office or any other space) over the garage is one of the most commonly encountered issues that homeowners face. In fact, rooms that are located over garages are notoriously difficult to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. In most cases, the builders install fiberglass rolls of insulation in the cavity under the floor while constructing the house, and Dr. Energy Saver explains that this practice is usually ineffective “because the continuous flow of cold air goes through and around the insulation and comes directly in contact with the bottom of the floor.”

To make matters worse, “over time gravity pulls the fiberglass insulation away from the underside of the floor, increasing its exposure to cold air.” This results in extremely cold floors that eventually make the entire room feel cold, notes Dr. Energy Saver. It’s not one thing alone that causes the issue but in fact, several factors work together to cause the problem.

Here’s what causes the problem:

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First, “an over-the-garage room tends to need more in the way of heating and cooling because most of its exterior walls are exposed to the outside,” according to The Washington Post. You may not experience the same problem in the rest of the rooms because they usually share more walls with adjoining rooms.

To further complicate things, The Washington Post shares that “when a room is built over a garage, the whole idea is to take advantage of otherwise wasted space. The room over the garage fits in between, with what's known as ‘knee walls’ running where the space to stand up or at least tuck in a bed or storage space runs out at the base of the sloped roof. The space behind the knee walls, which is often left accessible for storage, may be the source of your problem.”

Wait – Is there even a solution to this?

Yes, there is, and the solution isn’t as complicated as you think. To fix the problem, experts suggest incorporating an in-floor radiant heating system where the heat radiates up from the floor to warm the room. WarmlyYours offers electric radiant heating systems that don’t heat the air but heat the objects in the room instead. Once they heat up, they radiate heat to other objects and people in the room. It's a fascinating way to transfer heat very efficiently.

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With a floor warming system in place, your cold bedroom will become a cozy retreat that you’ll never want to leave. Whether your room has tile, stone, carpet, concrete, nailed hardwood or floating wood flooring, a WarmlyYoursfloor heating system can be installed under all of these surfaces to add soothing warmth under your feet.

If you can’t resist getting an electric floor heating system installed in your chilly room above the garage, visit our website or give us a call at (800) 875-5285. We know you can’t wait to transform your bedroom or home office into a comfortable sanctuary with radiant floor heating!

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