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U.S. Kitchens and Baths Embrace European Design

Kitchen with Tile floor and Island Stock Image

If there’s one surefire way to predict a kitchen and bath trend, it’s by examining what’s on display at the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (also known as KBIS). At last year’s show, more than one-third of cabinet displays were frameless, according to FDMC magazine. That’s up from less than a quarter of frameless cabinet displays the year before. Wellborn Cabinet Inc. even took the opportunity to unveil its new line of frameless cabinets at the show. This is the first time in the company’s 52-year history that it introduced a frameless line

“Frameless is on a fast pace increase of use in the U.S. market,” said Wellborn Cabinet Inc. President and CEO Paul Wellborn in a statement. “We are dedicated to providing our kitchen and bath dealers the products they need to service the market demands.”

Wellborn Aspire frameless cabinets
Wellborn Cabinet Inc.'s new Aspire frameless cabinets.

Similarly, REHAU recently launched a new line of frameless, custom cabinet doors for kitchen and baths. Jesse Collins, senior marketing specialist with REHAU’s furniture solutions division, said in a statement: “We’re beginning to see a trend away from face frame cabinets to frameless slab doors, which look amazing with contemporary materials in modern interiors.”

These sleek lines and clean surfaces are the embodiment of European style. In fitting with this rising trend, radiant panels are a perfect complement. Like frameless cabinets, radiant panels offer a modern, sleek appearance. Plus, they first gained popularity in Europe before reaching North America, so they’re right in line with European style.

What is a Radiant Panel?

Radiant panels emit radiant heat like a space heater would, but they are aesthetically pleasing and wall mounted, so they don’t take up any valuable space in your home. They work by plugging into a standard outlet or hardwiring to a circuit, depending on the type you buy. And, they’re available in multiple sizes and colors to suit your kitchen or bathroom’s particular style and needs.

For example, a LAVA® Light radiant panel can take the place of your bathroom mirror. Featuring two bars of light and a mirrored face, the LAVA® Light panel radiates heat that will prevent steam from sticking to the surface while actually warming up the room.

Lava Light mirrored radiant panel
A LAVA Light mirrored radiant panel adds style and function to a bathroom.

Or, you can place an Ember Glass radiant panel in your kitchen and use it as a piece of art that functions like a fireplace.

Radiant panels work the same way the sun does. They heat the people and objects in the room — directly — which, in return, absorb the heat and release it back into the air slowly and evenly. Think about it — you don’t feel warm when you’re standing in the shade, do you? That’s because you’re not in direct contact with the infrared heat from the sun. By adding a radiant panel to your kitchen or bathroom (or any other room in the house), you can add supplementary heat where you need it and retain your European style.

To learn more about radiant panels, how they work and where to purchase them, visit www.warmlyyours.com/products/radiant-panel

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