A couple months ago, the President/Owner of WarmlyYours, Julia Billen, had the privilege of interviewing Mrs. Andries of Deerfield, Ill., who recently purchased and installed one of our snow melting systems for her concrete stairway leading up to their entryway. During her interview, Mrs. Andries details her backbreaking story and what led she and her husband to contact WarmlyYours for a solution for their icy stairway. Take a look here:

Can you imagine never having to shovel or plow your driveway or walkway again – this is a comforting thought for a Midwesterner braving Chicago’s merciless winters. With the Snow Melting Cable System, the snow and ice melts within minutes, leaving you with the comfort and peace of mind that you and your visitors will have a safe pathway during the winter months.

Okay, no more ice or snow on the stairway, but how much will it cost me to maintain? Check out part 2 of the interview and see how manageable it can be to use and maintain.

Mrs. Andries’s story confirms what WarmlyYours’ radiant heat can do to keep your life healthy and vibrant, without fear of empty pockets and broken backs. Are you interested yet? Because today, you’re in luck! To honor the start of the snow melting installation season that is now upon us, WarmlyYours is offering some incredible deals on all snow melting and slab heating cables, mat systems, and controls during our “Melting Hot Sale.” The sale starts today, April 1 through April 30, 2011. You can save up to 20% on a snow melting or slab heating system! Find out more, visit, www.WarmlyYours.com/sales/.