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Prospects Are Looking Up For Building, Remodeling Homes

The recession precipitated by 2008's financial crisis had a wide-ranging, negative impact on the U.S. housing market, decreasing home values across the nation. Homeowners and families looking to sell their...

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7 Ways to Lower Your Gas and Electric Bills

Cutting costs and saving money on your home gas and electric bills is easy with these energy-saving options. But before you start, first take advantage of the Home Energy Saver audit. (link to audit?) It...

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Six Energy-Efficient Upgrades that Qualify for 2012/2013 Tax Credits

It’s tax season, so instead of waiting until the last-minute, why not act early this year? Here are six of the most common energy-efficient upgrades that you may have already made, or plan to make this...

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Four Tips For Putting More Money Into Your Rainy Day Fund

Even if your finances are in great shape, there's no reason why you can't tweak your spending habits to help you save more money. Additional savings means leftover cash for vacations, new furniture and...

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Understanding The Green Benefits Of Radiant Heat Flooring

As a building professional, you're probably well-aware of the growing trend that sustainability and green building materials play in construction and home remodeling. While most homeowners will look into...

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