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Zoned Areas And Radiant Heat Make A Long Room More Welcoming

By regulating foot traffic, creating activity "zones" and playing up a room's best features, home decorators can solve a vexing problem in a long, rectangular space - how to even out its shape. "If you...

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Warm Tile Floors Can Add To The Mix Of Textures In Home Decorating

Homeowners can widen their decorating options significantly when they consider texture along with color and patterns in their design scheme. Using fabrics against the hard surfaces of wood furnishings...

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Color Pairs Bring Elegance To Rooms Like Towel Warmers Add To The Bath

Professional decorators often have insight into what colors will have long-lasting appeal in home design. Trends come and go, but some color combinations stand the test of time. From monochromatic design...

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09/16/13: WarmlyYours Radiant and Remodeling News

Your latest news from the WarmlyYours Weekly Radiant News has arrived. We are your one-stop source for all things radiant and the home remodeling industry.

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Like Radiant Heating, Proper Tiling Enhances Bathroom Floors

It isn't unusual for building materials, both inside a home as well as outdoors, to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. It's actually a natural process that occurs over time. But...

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