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Foyer Can Benefit From Infloor Heating In Cold Regions

Is the foyer of a home just an entrance or can it be considered a room? It's both, although as a room it may be quite small in some cases. But as the place that gives a new visitor his or her first look...

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Have A Color Plan In Mind Before Painting, But Stay Flexible

Homeowners should have a color scheme in mind before they ever take a paint brush in hand. But it shouldn't be a rigid plan. Keeping things flexible allows changes to be introduced along the way....

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White Is At The Heart Of Many Color Schemes In Home Design

While its greatest strength is that it works well with any hue, white has a variety of tones - bright, off-white or antique - that are more effective with some colors than others. According to Shari...

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Bring Warmth Into A Living Room To Make It A Welcoming Place

Most homeowners want one room that is always in order and looks special when guests arrive. That place is often the living room. But making this room into the showpiece of the home risks creating a cold...

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home

In need of a home makeover, yet don’t have the money to do a complete remodel? You’re in luck! We have collected a list of 5 fixes that will not only improve the look and appeal of your home but also won’t...

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