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Turning Your Garage Into An Art Or Music Studio

The garage is a great space to use in ways it was never intended. Whether you've got one car in a two car garage or happen to live in one of those rust-free Southwestern climates where parking outside is...

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The Ideal Heating For Your Garage And Workshop

Just because it's winter doesn't mean that cars don't need to be service and appliances tinkered with. If you're the kind of gearhead or home mechanic who needs his or her garage at a comfortable...

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Thinking Ahead By Outfitting Your Home For The Coming Holidays

Of the very few things that are assured in life, one of them is that the next holiday will sneak up on your before you know it. With the Fourth of July only just out of the way, Labor Day weekend will be...

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Gifts For The Eco Friendly Homeowner

Buying gifts for the person who has everything is often easier than buying gifts for green enthusiasts who have already made over their homes into energy-efficient, carbon-shirking earth temples. Going...

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Why Summer May Be The Best Time To Install A Snow Melting System

When the temperatures are climbing into the 90s and most people are cooped up inside with the air conditioning on full blast or lounging in any bit of shade they can find, the last thing you're worried...

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