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5 Creative Last Minute Gifts for Mother's Day

Barcelona towel warmer with a bow

Barcelona towel warmerTrying to find a present for your mother can be difficult, to say the least. In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, people spend much of their time racking their brains for ideas — trying to recall every conversation they’ve recently had with their mother to see if she might have dropped any clues. Then before you know it, Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

How do you find that one item that will express exactly how much you love and appreciate her in a short amount of time? It seems impossible, but there is one way to help you narrow things down. Ask yourself, what is my mom’s favorite thing to do? We’ve identified five common interests to make your gift selection a little easier this year. Plus, all of these items are available online, so just expedite the shipping and you’ll be ready to surprise your mom with it on Mother’s Day.

For the Mom Who Loves Getting Pampered

Whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, most women love being shown how much they’re appreciated by getting pampered. This could take the form of a manicure/pedicure, massage or a full day at the spa. However, a “gift that keeps on giving” is even better. By purchasing an electric towel warmer, your mom can feel pampered every time she gets out of the bath or shower. You can choose from a variety of towel warmers on warmlyyours.com for between $149 and $499. Plus, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating offers same-day shipping, so you’ll have your gift in plenty of time before Mother’s Day.

For the Mom Who Loves Reading

If your mom is a bibliophile — or just really enjoys reading — Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is a great gift for her. The device holds thousands of books, all in one place, and features a glare-free display that works just like a real book. The 6-inch Kindle e-reader currently retails for $59.99 on Amazon.com.

For the Mom Who Loves Cooking

If your mom enjoys experimenting with different recipes, the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale is right up her alley. This smart scale integrates with an Apple iPhone or iPad; it tracks your ingredients by weight and recalibrates the recipe if you don’t have enough of an ingredient or need to make a substitution. This way, she can experiment away without worrying that her new recipe won’t turn out right. Plus, she can maintain her standing as the best cook in the house, no matter what she’s making. The Drop Kitchen Connected Scale retails for $99.95 on fab.com.

Another great gift idea for moms who like spending much of their time in the kitchen is a FeelsWarm™ countertop heater. This product adheres to the bottom of a countertop overhang to eliminate a chilly surface. With the heater running, family and friends can stay warm while they rest at the island and visit with the “cook.”Moms who spend a lot of time in the kitchen will appreciate a countertop heater.

For the Mom Who Loves Fashion

Did you know you could turn handwriting or a drawing into a charm for a necklace or bracelet? This sentimental gift was called out in a list on glamour.com of “10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Fashion-Loving Mom.” From jewelry to jeans to headphones, Glamour’s list will give you a host of options to choose from that your mom is sure to love. The gifts range in price from $20 to $250.

For a more upscale, luxurious option, you can consider purchasing a radiant panel encrusted with Swarovski crystals. This item looks like a piece of art and acts like a fireplace, warming up any room in which it’s placed. Modern moms who love fashion, rejoice!Fashionable moms will love this upscale radiant panel encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

For the Mom Who Loves Exercising

If your mom is adamant about staying healthy and exercising and she doesn’t already have a Fitbit, she probably wants one! Depending on the model you get, this fitness tracker can tell you your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, and even how you sleep at night. Fitbits range in price from $59.95 to $249.95.

On a day that celebrates mothers for everything they do, make sure yours knows just how special she is to you with an equally special gift. 

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