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Gutter Mounted Ice Sensor

Gutter Mounted Ice Sensor


Advanced Snow & Ice Melt Control Description

The GTR-SS automatic sensor enables reliable, automatic operation of deicing system to reduce operating costs. Gutter-mounted for accuracy, this unit features solid-state sensors for both moisture and temperature encased in a durable protective housing. Its microcontroller design prevents ice bridging. The GTR-SS operates on low voltage, making installation easier. With the included 12-inch, 3-conductor, 18 AWG lead, the sensor can be located up to 2,000 ft. (609.6 m) from the control panel. The GTR-SS is suitable for use with SCP-120 or SCA-DUAL controls.


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Product Dimensions

Length 7.5″
Weight 1.4 lbs
Width 5.5″


Shipping Height 4 in
Shipping Length 8 in
Shipping Weight 1.4 lbs
Shipping Width 4 in


Voltage 120 VAC