SMP Frequently Asked Questions

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May I cross or overlap the WarmlyYours snow melt heating cable?

When installing outdoor WarmlyYours snow melting cables for your driveway, patio, walkway, terrace, stairs, ramp, etc. - NEVER cross, overlap, or allow the heating cables to touch each other. Doing so will quickly cause a circuit failure due to excessive heat build up. Always follow the installation instructions and/or design layout plan to ensure the cable is installed with the correct spacing required for proper operation.

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Why a GFEP breaker and not a GFCI breaker for WarmlyYours outdoor deicing and snow melting systems?

This National Electric Code (NEC) required protection for fixed outdoor deicing and snow-melting equipment may be accomplished by using circuit breakers equipped with ground-fault equipment protection (GFEP) of 30 mA. It is important to understand that this required equipment protection is not the same as a 5 mA GFCI used for personal protection.

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Do you need a thermostat for the Snow Melting system?

The snow melting system is not operated by a thermostat, it is operated by either an automatic or manual controller.  A snow melting controller does not maintain temperatures like an indoor thermostat does.  An automatic snow melting controller only turns the snow melting system on when it detects precipitation and the temperature outdoors is below the set temp (typically 37.4°F / 3°C).

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