Electrical Rough-In Kits for Thermostats Reviews

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CeraZorb® Insulating Synthetic Cork Underlayment (4’ x 4’) - 16 sq.ft. - 1 Sheet

Great customer service

Peter M. | Oak Ridge, NJ

Great customer service

July 08, 2022

Great heating system, almost perfect, 4.9 stars

Patrick S. | Weymouth, MA

I installed this for a small bathroom, 50 sq feet-it has always been cold since it's over a garage. The instructions are very good and all the materials are excellent. Almost perfect except for two small items. 1. The wiring kit should include the conduit elbows, 1 for the cold lead cable going to the box and 1 other elbow for the floor sensor. Since the kit has everything else, would be helpful to add these two small items. Nearly every installation will require using elbows to protect the wires when they make the turn from the floor up to the box. 2. The instructions for the floor heating kit should mention something about making sure to check the instructions for the self leveling compound before laying the wires. In my case, I had laid out the wires on tile following all the instructions in the heating kit, then I bought the self leveling kit compound and realized that I needed to scarify the old tile, and then prime the floor. Then I had to lay the wires back down again. I know, probably user error, but it would be helpful to add something about checking the self leveling compound instructions BEFORE laying the wire for the heating system. Other than that, it's a great system that I think will do well during the cold winter months. TIPS for installers: 1. I used duct tape to hold the wires down reinforced as much as possible with Zip flashing tape. The duct tape failed on the SLC pour in a couple of spots, use Zip tape instead next time. 2. I bought a spare floor sensor and laid it in the floor but didn't wire it. If the current one fails, I only have to cut a hole in the drywall and run it up to the box, don't have to dig up the floor.

July 03, 2022

Easy to install, easy controls, too!

Laura B. | Madison, NJ

This product is wonderful. It was easy to install, especially with the line monitor, so that you are always sure you haven't broken a line. The controls are intuitive and easy to operate. I'd put this in another room, for sure!

June 13, 2022

Caring staff

Anonymous | Mt Pleasant, IA

They verified my order before I ordered the products so i got what I needed. Speedy delivery as well

June 02, 2022

Great Product & Service

Marnie S. | Delaware, OH

I wanted to remodel my master bath which already had a WarmlyYours heated floor system installed. Since I was replacing the tile flooring, the old system had to be taken up and a new one installed. Mary was great in helping find the previous layout from the original installation and create the updated layout. Mary and everyone else in Tech Support was incredibly helpful and worked with me and my contractor to get the layout right and installed properly. On top of all that, they gave me a great discount as a previous customer upgrading to a newer system.

May 12, 2022

Easy to install. thermostats look great, Happy Customer !

Sanctuary S. | Moss Landing, CA

Easy to install. thermostats look great, Happy Customer !

April 20, 2022

Excellent, as always

Bernadette S. | Beaverton, OR

We just moved into a 1965 Daylight Ranch near Portland, OR, and the walk-out basement is where my daughter has her bedroom. Since it's on a concrete slab, with a concrete wall on one side, the room was always a bit on the chilly side, and just the slightest bit of dampness in the air. We decided to install the WarmlyYours Environ Flex Roll, as we had done in 2008 back in our home in NY. Back then, it was installed under a travertine tile kitchen floor, and it ended up being a major selling point. The system is easy to install, as there is a layout diagram and complete instructions included. The electricians who came to install the new line and breaker for the floor were so impressed, I believe they are planning a similar installation in their homes. My daughter's bedroom is now cozy and there's no slight dampness anymore. When we remodel the kitchen here, we will absolutely install a WarmlyYours floor heating system.

April 19, 2022
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Great product

Ben S. | Bay Point, CA

Very happy with the product, great service fair prices, I love working with Laurie Very professional and helpful Thank you!

March 25, 2022

Great product great service

Bob C. | Los Osos, CA

We have been working with WarmlyYours for over 20 years and they have provided great products and timely responses. They will service you well.

March 16, 2022

I used WarmlyYours several times and have been impressed

Total P. | Wilmette, IL

I used WarmlyYours several times and have been totally impressed. They were always on time, the quality of work and materials was the best I have used. The support staff and techs were always available and no question couldn't be answered. The heated floors always worked per their designs with complete enjoyment for all my homeowners. Use them without any questions.

March 10, 2022

Not as intimidating as I thought

Anonymous | Hampton, NH

Worked with Justin throughout the process and things went very well. Even though there were a few mistakes on my part we were able to work through them. Be sure your layout you provide is accurate!! Submitted a diagram of my new bathroom layout and received the plan for how to layout the mats. After paying, received the kit and instructions. Pretty much follow the instructions. If you are a DIY person with a bit of electric know-how, this is fairly easy. Things to look out for - be sure to use the squawker when laying the mat to assure you don't break it. Have a decent glue gun to hold down any wires when you have to work around something. You can also use the gun to stick the mat better to the floor. An open wall makes the wiring go a lot easier. Otherwise, you need to be proficient in snaking a wire through a wall. The only hiccup was the electric box provided. The thermostat does not fit easily; an extremely tight fit to the point that without a lot of force, I couldn't get it to fit before even trying to install it. Right out of the box, things did not fit easily. There are better and larger plastic boxes you can get at Home Depot or Lowes. It needs to be LONG not wide. My suggestion to WarmlyYours is provide a bigger box or give an option to exclude the package sold without the electric box pieces. All in all - worth the price and the effort.

December 15, 2021
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Finally got the system installed

James M. | Raleigh, NC

After numerous construction delays, we finally got the heating system installed AND connected. It works fantastically well! We installed it in a 480 sq ft 'guesthouse' in southwest Virginia. This past weekend was quite chilly (low was in the low 40's and the floor kept the temperature right at 74 degrees). We LOVE this product. The company is great to work with.

October 25, 2021

Tested and is running perfectly

Anonymous | Chicago, IL

I installed the warming system yesterday and it laid out exactly as designed, with a few loop modifications. It was tested and is running perfectly. I am installing tiles tomorrow so once in we can turn it on to feel the warmth.

September 22, 2021

Fantastic Customer Service

Chris I. | Bridgewater Township, NJ

WarmlyYours had fantastic customer service all the way through helping design the project to getting it ordered. Their account manager, Jennifer, deserves a special shout out for being so responsive and willing to help!

August 07, 2021

Excellent service and support

Amit V. | Lake Zurich, IL

Couldn't have asked for better service. Jennifer worked with me on my project, right from the very first quote and while a lot of things changed through the course of the project, I had excellent support all along, accommodating all the changes and providing prompt support all along. Even with returns that I had to make unfortunately, Jennifer and the team were fully understanding and prompt with the transactions. One of those rare companies that seem to value customer satisfaction more than just making money on each customer in the short run. I plan to install heating in other rooms in the near future and I will undoubtedly make the first call to Jennifer at WarmlyYours.

July 21, 2021


American L. | Chandler, AZ

Easy to install and products were of quality!

July 01, 2021


Kevin S. | Chandler, AZ

Excellent product and of quality! It was easy to install with the enclosed instructions and specifications.

July 01, 2021
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Great Service and Support

Anonymous | Westfield, NJ

Great support, price and outstanding documentation including installation guide (visual and instructions).

June 23, 2021

WarmlyYours-The name says it all

Larry S. | Granby, CT

Outstanding! WarmlyYours.com has an excellent website. Qualified personnel assisted on the telephone. Ordering was easy and product arrived as promised. Installation instructions are excellent and the product is very easy to work with. The most important is - yes the floors are warm.

June 05, 2021
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Very easy process from placing the order to executing the installation.

Casey C. | Marietta, GA

Jennifer was very helpful in getting the product order for my specific project. The value add service is their engineering department will provide a custom layout of the radiant flooring for easy installation.

May 26, 2021
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Timer Faceplate

GREAT in every way!!

Martha W. | Bryans Road, MD

Better than a 10! The customer service, floor plan layout, and instantly warm floor are all outstanding! Laurie was incredibly helpful, professional and courteous, had the floor plan layout reworked, and was always available. Highly recommend their floor heating product and give their customer service an A++

May 20, 2021

Warm Feet

Anonymous | Lakeville, NY

Everything went well and according to the plan!!! Thank you for all the help.

May 16, 2021
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Excellent customer service, very fair pricing and nice system

Matt H. | Pittsburgh, PA

I was very hesitant at first to use this system because of past problems with other electric floor heat systems. But my sales rep Mary was exceptionally helpful and accessible by phone and email. She guided me and answered all my questions efficiently. She also helped me redesign the wiring layout quickly and effectively due to some changes in our layout. I'm very happy with this system and will definitely use the WarmlyYours Floor system again on my next project.

May 16, 2021

Almost Five

J.g. C. | Bayville, NY

The whole process was great start to finish. The only reason I couldn’t give the fifth star was because when I called after hours tech support I didn’t get an answer. A tech did call (days later, after the install) but too late.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you for your review and I'll take the 4-stars!. We're sorry that you got disconnected while you were being transferred to our technicians. We called you the next day to follow up and answered your questions and apologize it was too late. We will continue fine-tune our after-hour service, with feedback like yours. - Julia Billen (Owner)

May 11, 2021

Heated master bath floor

Jessica S. | Elyria, OH

Great experience from designing it to receiving the materials. Installation wasn't all that difficult but some of the directions were a little confusing. Overall the floor is warm and wonderful!!

May 06, 2021