Average heights of bathroom fixtures


What are the average hieghts of bathroom fixtures?


All thermostats are mandated at 42" height for handicap accessibility, most private residences are mounted at 60" (5 ft.).

Towel Bars

Mount towel bars between 36 and 42 inches (91 to 107 centimeters) above the floor along their horizontal centerline, taller people or those that use extra-large bath sheets raise towel bars to 48 or 50 inches (122 to 127 centimeters).

Mirrors/Lava Mirrors

The height of mirrors should be based on your own height.  Find an average eyeline for everyone using the mirrors and make sure this height is well within the upper and lower borders of the mirror 5 ft., 6 in. is average height.  When considering the placement for a mirror such as the LAVA® Mirror, one can cut large pieces of paper to the potential sizes of the mirror and tape them to the wall. This will help visualize how the placement will impact the room.


Counter heights are typically 32 to 34 in., the more important measurement is sink height, and the key to the right sink height measurement is to decide what actual sink vessel will be used.  Above-counter vessel sinks naturally sit higher than inset below-counter sinks. Choose a lowered cabinet to compensate for the difference.

Single sinks tend to be approximately 30 inches long. In general, to be safe, budget around 35-40 inches for the sink in the design. For double sinks, reserve a minimum of 60 inches—and even more.

Shower Benches

The right height for a shower bench is very individual.  Most are around 21½ inches from the shower pan and about 12-21" in depth.

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