Carpet Cleaning Over EVII Mats and EVII Flex Rolls


What do we recommend to clean carpet over EVII products?

EVII Flex Rolls:

1)     The Heater should be switched off before commencing carpet cleaning.

2)     The Cleaning equipment that has feet with a footprint between ¼-square inch and 36-square inches must not exert a force greater than 100 pounds per square inch (“psi”) on the carpet's surface.

3)     We suggest dry cleaning carpet, taking care that moisture does not seep down to the EVII Flex Roll.


EVII Mats:

We don’t recommend to use steam cleaners at all with the foil laminate heaters. The steam can cause delaminating to occur. We suggest using a non steam based cleaner to gently clean the carpet if required.


Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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