Circuit Check IQC Procedure


IQC testing procedure for Circuit Check V1


1. Visually check that all anchor terminal screws are in place. 


2. Use the same green screw driver that comes with every circuit check to check that the red, green, and black wires are secure under the anchor screw and not resting along the side of the screw.  To do this, insert the screw driver between the red, green, and black wires, and tug slightly to verify that the wire is securely fastened under the screws. 


3. If any of the wires happen to be loose and or disconnected, pull the wire, loosen the anchor screw, secure the wire under it and tighten the screw.


4.  Verify that the battery voltage is approximately 1.5 VDC and inspect for corrosion.



Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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